Dedicated Servers Or Shared – What’s Best For You?

Dedicated Servers Or Shared – What’s Best For You?

When it comes to hosting your server, you have two primary options available to you. These are the shared server and the dedicated server. Both have their benefits and work for different people’s needs. But which one is the best option for you?

Shared Servers

The first option for people who are looking to use a server is to get a shared server. As the name might suggest, this is a server which is shared by multiple businesses all at once. This means that there’s usually a bigger space allotted to compensate for this, and a more powerful system in place to ensure everyone can run their systems at the same time. Costs are often also reduced as a result of sharing with everyone, which can make it the more economically viable option. However, you may find that the system can slow down sometimes if every site is trying to do a lot all at once, and you may also find that your system can crash as a result of too much activity at once.

Dedicated Servers

The other option for people to use for their business is to get a dedicated server. This is different from a shared server in the sense that the only business on it is yours. You have an entire server dedicated to making sure that your system stays up and running, and that it doesn’t go down as often as a shared server might, and will naturally be a faster running and smoother system than a shared server. These are obviously a more expensive option for people to go for, but companies try and add on extra benefits to dedicated users, such as the option for a backup server at an additional fee, or the inclusion of 24-hour tech support for no cost.

So Which Server Is Right For Me?

Of course, people are still going to wonder which server is the best choice for them. That does depend on what kind of website you’re running. Smaller businesses may well find that a shared server would suit them quite well, whereas something which offered a lot of services or was highly interactive would benefit more from the freedom and security which a dedicated server would bring. A dedicated server would be helpful for people who want to have a reliable site and is advised for those businesses which are projected to proliferate within a short period.

Overall, the kind of server which will be best for you and your site will vary according to your needs and requirements. People who have a big website that has a lot of features may well find a dedicated server to be much more acceptable for their needs, whereas those with smaller sites may find the cheaper costs of a shared server to be more appreciated. In any instance, it is sometimes worth asking the company you’re interested in whether they have a dedicated server that would work for you. A lot of companies will be able to advise you on what the best course of action is, so it’s well worth asking them. Once you’ve decided on the choice of server, don’t forget your ae domain registration or other TLD.

In the case of David Dean who is a wedding photographer in Essex UK, he opted for a shared server as there really isn’t a need for a huge capacity server. The traffic to his site is generally in a local area and also not vast in comparison to other main stream brands for example.

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